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The problem of toleration in multicultural society: Time for New Views

Final Activity Report Summary - TOLERATION (The Problem of Toleration in Multicultural Society: Time for New Views.)

The work was devoted to rethinking the familiar idea of toleration through triple process of its disciplining, pluralising and contextualising. Using methods of contemporary political philosophy, the fellow analysed the traditional liberal concept of toleration and identified the main problems of this approach, the majority of which turned out to be associated with the violation of the intrinsic conceptual limits of toleration in contemporary political discourse.

Then the concept of toleration was essentially pluralised and contextualised through putting it within the rich historical context of different political theories. The contemporary methods of intellectual history were particularly useful in this respect. Finally, a comparative study of the place of toleration in multicultural European and Russian societies was elaborated. The most promising line here proved to be the understanding of toleration as one of the discourses of political modernity.

The main results of the project were a critical theory on toleration as one of the discourses of political modernity, a comprehensive taxonomy of the approaches to toleration in history and a definition of the conceptual boundaries of the toleration idea.