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New bounds for automorphic L-functions


Number theory is among the oldest and most central disciplines in mathematics. It has truly fascinating connections to algebraic geometry, combinatorics, ergodic theory, representation theory, and mathematical physics. Many of these connections as well as deep intrinsic properties are formulated in the language of L-functions.

An important task is to establish subconvex bounds for automorphic L-functions. Such bounds reflect the arithmetic nature of their source objects as they cannot be derived from simple analytic principles. In return, they provide the key to the solution of several difficult Diophantine problems addressing equidistribution phenomena.

Proving these bounds unconditionally also sheds light on the Grand Riemann Hypothesis as they are consequences of it. Gergely Harcos, the researcher of the present proposal, is an active participant in this area. After a decade of successful work in the United States he intends to return to Europe and pursue his research program in the stimulating and supportive environment of the Renyi Institute.

His efforts would be enforced by the complementary skills of the experts at the host in the theory of algebraic groups and automorphic forms, and in analytic number theory. In addition, the researcher would receive advanced training in combinatorial number theory and prime number theory, which are important for his future career.

The ultimate goal for the researcher is to integrate his research at the host and start new or revive past scientific collaboration with members of the host. The project would strengthen and diversify the mathematical profile of Hungary, one of the new Member States of the European Union, by introducing an important new line of mainstream research and by providing new links to colleagues worldwide.

The project would also contribute towards reversing brain drain. In short, the proposed project would enhance the potential and the attractiveness of the European Research Area.

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