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Preparing non-classical states in a Bose Josephson junction

Final Activity Report Summary - DWELL (Preparing non-classical states in a Bose Josephson junction)

Entanglement, a key feature of quantum mechanics, is a resource that allows the improvement of precision measurements beyond the conventional bound reachable by classical means. This is known as the standard quantum limit, already defining the accuracy of the best available sensors for various quantities such as time or position. Many of these sensors are interferometers in which the standard quantum limit can be overcome by feeding their two input ports with quantum-entangled states, in particular spin squeezed states.

During the DWELL project, we demonstrated the experimental realisation of such entangled squeezed states by splitting a Bose-Einstein condensate in a few parts using a lattice potential. This is a major step towards the realization of improved sensors using the concepts of quantum metrology.