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Logical languages for embedded systems


Embedded systems are a modern technology, which has a large impact on the daily life. One of the characteristics of these systems is that they have to meet numerous quantitative constraints, like resource constraints (power consumption, memory usage, costs, bandwidth, etc...), timed constraints (response time, propagation delays, etc...), and constraints on the environment in which it operates (signal sensors, continuous evolution of the environment, open systems, etc...).

Another important characteristic of embedded systems is that they have to be powerful and reliable. Their conception and verification thus pose a great challenge. The research project we propose to achieve concerns logical languages for describing correctness and safety properties of embedded systems, and in particular logical languages taking into account timed constraints and resource consumption constraints of the system. These logics have been considered in the early 90's and are now reconsidered, thanks to a recent result by J. Ouaknine and J. Worrell, which states that they can be used for verification purpose. Our research plan is structured on three main axes. The first one consists in developing a deeper understanding of automata-based properties of linear-time timed temporal logics. The second one consists in considering quantitative extensions of these formalisms with cost information and/or probabilities. The last one concerns the verification of programs using the game semantics approach.

This program research is part of one of the strategic objectives of the research priority and "Information Society Technologies" (embedded systems). This proposal is aimed at building a new collaboration between an EU researcher and an EU institution having common research motivations, though not exactly the same techniques and points of view.

Field of science

  • /engineering and technology/electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering/information engineering/telecommunications/mobile phone
  • /engineering and technology/electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering/electronic engineering/automation and control systems

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