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Logical languages for embedded systems

Final Activity Report Summary - LOLAES (Logical Languages for Embedded Systems)

Embedded systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in daily life; for example, they appear in car braking systems, mobile phones, aircraft flight control systems, washing machines, etc. Correspondingly, the design of such systems is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. The aim of this project was to devise fundamental frameworks and algorithms for reasoning about the correct functioning of embedded systems. The approach we have followed falls under the broad umbrella of 'Model Checking'; it consists in representing the specification of a given system in a mathematical formalism known as temporal logic, and verifying whether a given model of the system meets its specification.

To this end, we have developed new specialised temporal logic specification formalisms designed specifically to handle the precise timing and probabilistic aspects of the systems under consideration. Moreover, we have developed efficient algorithms for model-checking such specifications, and have begun prototype implementations of our algorithms. In the long run, our work should enable engineers to have increased confidence in their designs and ultimately produce provably correct systems.