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Exploring entanglement by noise measurements in nanoelectronic devices

Final Activity Report Summary - NANOELECTRONOISE (Exploring entanglement by noise measurements in nanoelectronic devices)

In order to achieve electron spin based quantum computer the demonstration of separated entangled electrons is an essential step. In the framework of this project, the possibility to create entangled mobile electrons from Cooper-pairs of a superconductor (S) was investigated. InAs nanowires (NWs) were chosen as a platform to fabricate superconductor - normal (N) beam splitter device. After the establishment of the handling of InAs NWs, NW based quantum dots were designed and studied. Giant fluctuation of the g-factor of the discrete electron states of the dots was observed.

Ferromagnetic leads were connected to NWs and the injection of ferromagnetic correlation was shown, investigating the spin ½-Kondo effect. Furthermore, electric-gate-tuning of the orientation of a single electron spin was demonstrated. Combining these ingredients F-QDot-S-QDot-F beam splitter device was fabricated. Due to the high degree of tunability of the beam splitter, Crossed-Andreev reflection was successfully detected, when Cooper-pair-originated entangled electrons enter into the two normal arms of the beam splitter.