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The Graeco-Roman marble artefacts from Syria; their archaeometric identification, archaeological and artistic background


The objective of this interdisciplinary research training is to reveal patterns of cultural interaction and exchanges in the easternmost area of the Classical World. This will be achieved through a study of that areas marble monuments.
The research will combine archaeological investigation, based on chronological and iconographical criteria, with an innovative petrographic and geochemical method designed to identify the exact origin of the marbles. About one hundred samples will be subject of this investigation. These have already been taken from marble artefacts preserved in several museums and archaeological sites in Syria. The analyses will be done through the most vanguard archaeometric methods, using the most updated reference data base for comparison.
The proposed research on Graeco-Roman sculpture from Syria will be a highly important contribution towards a deeper art historical understanding of this period in Syria. It is justified by the absence of any overall monographic study on the subject. This innovative, interdisciplinary and multi-methods approach could in the future be successfully used for the study of marble monuments of the European cultural heritage.
The socio-cultural importance of this project should not be underestimated, as it will greatly add to our knowledge and cultural understanding of one of the easternmost areas of the Mediterranean world. Researching and promoting this areas civilisation, its unique history, its singular cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage will lead to a greater awareness of the Middle Eastern countries. Specialised symposia and scholarly publications will advance this knowledge, but just as important will be conferences and popular publications for a wider non specialised public. The research proposed here will encourage a cultural understanding and mutual dialogue between the cultures according to the European Union actions, especially those endorsed by the Anna Lind Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.

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