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Molecular spintronics


Molecular Electronics and Molecular Magnetism are two rapidly emerging fields of Nanoscience, with a strong potential impact for the realization of new functions and devices helpful for information storage as well as quantum information.

This project aims at the merging of the two fields by the realization of molecular junctions that involves magnetic molecules, thus opening the way to molecular spintronic devices. In order to tackle the challenge of controlled connection at the single molecule level, we will design a process of molecular self-assembly on nano-junctions obtained in which bottom-up and top-down approaches will be merged.

This will involve a direct and close collaboration between chemists and physicists and the creation of strongly multidisciplinary competences. Functionalised molecule having a well-characterized magnetic behaviour will be used, such as molecular magnets based on transition metals or lanthanides. It has been theoretically predicted that the magneto-resistance of a molecular junction based on a molecular magnet could lead to a direct measurement of spin tunnelling at the single spin level.

The experimental confirmation of such a prediction would open the way to a control of single spin states and establishes the new field molecular spintronics. Such an achievement would have enormous scientific and technological consequences.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/physical sciences/electromagnetism and electronics/spintronics/molecular spintronics

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