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Molecular spintronics

Final Activity Report Summary - MoST (Molecular Spintronics)

A revolution in electronics is in view with the contemporary evolution of the two novel disciplines of spintronics and molecular electronics. A fundamental link between these two fields can be established using molecular magnetic materials and, in particular, single molecule magnets.

This project addressed the resulting field, molecular spintronics, which allowed for the manipulation of spin and charges in electronic devices containing one or more molecules. It was developed at the highest possible sensitivity level, so as to observe the physics of single molecule magnets using single molecule measurements. We made substantial progress in the development of suited magnetic materials, the fabrication of electronic nanodevices capable of detecting a single magnetic molecule, the assessment of the advantages of this strategy over more conventional materials and the definition of potential applications in information storage and processing. We created single carbon nanotube nanojunctions and grafting methods to attach a very controlled number of single molecule magnets onto it were also developed. We finally demonstrated that the devices were capable of sensing a single magnetic molecule.