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Augmented Reality Toolset for Enhanced Mobile Information Systems (ARTEMIS)


"Augmented Reality (AR) provides an intuitive interface for displaying spatially-relevant information to the user. While this technology during the past decade has gained significant momentum in industrial maintenance and product design (e.g. ARVIKA consortium, AMIRE, and other European consortia), it has not yet reached most consumers. This is bound to change in the future, with the advent of new mobile devices with enhanced capabilities and extensions of ubiquitous computing and information access. Through the emergence of cameras and global positioning systems (GPS) in mobile phones, a widespread ubiquitous device is available for hand-held video-AR. Urban WiFi networks allow increasingly broadband access to information. The central goal of this project is to develop scalable core components for applications of AR technology, in conjunction with visual and other tracking methodologies. Specific attention is hereby given to overcome the limited computing power of mobile phones and to the limited image quality resp. frame-rate of low-end cameras by developing approaches with efficient algorithms for visual feature extraction and tracking. A second focus is on overcoming current user interface issues with respect to AR applications. The transition between cooperative and non-cooperative environments will be addressed, as well as automatic installation, setup, calibration, and content authoring. This project will serve as an incubator for the development of a large variety of AR applications, such as navigation, architectural visualisation, AR games, and artistic expression. This could pave the way for further consumer applications based on computer vision, for example usage of consumer digital cameras for automatic intelligent scene understanding, or for USB cameras on PCs, allowing the use of these cameras for other applications than just video conferencing and utilising them as a useful sensory tool."

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