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Augmented Reality Toolset for Enhanced Mobile Information Systems (ARTEMIS)

Final Activity Report Summary - ARTEMIS (Augmented reality toolset for enhanced mobile information systems)

In the project ARTEMIS the original objective was to develop a mobile toolkit for 'Augmented reality' (AR). After conducting a study on the existing toolkits it became clear that these toolkits already fulfil many of the requirements that are necessary for seamless operation of AR. Instead of developing yet another mobile AR toolkit system, the fellow decided therefore to focus instead on concrete applications of AR in different domains. He investigated AR in the light aircraft maintenance and in the medical field. He also expanded his field of work into the domain of Mixed Reality and Ubiquitous Computing, leading to investigations of interacting gestures with music. Furthermore, he explored the interaction with geo-centric interfaces, which led to the development of a new application: "Virtual Runner", in which a simulation is used to emulate human processes in the human body during sports activity.

The geo-centric interface concept is very promising, leading him also towards the application of AR and ICT for heritage: one issue in heritage visualisation is the conveying of uncertainty. This uncertainty is often caused by lack of knowledge, or by different possible explanations or "guesses" by experts.