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CERTIFIED TRANS-NATIONAL TT- MANAGER" - Building up a framework to qualify TT- Managers on a trans-national level and with mutual recognition


CERT-TTT-M addresses directly the 1st CREST-Recommendations in particular:
_To support EU-wide coordinated TT awareness and training activities targeting in particular the European research community (Rec15)
_To develop specific courses and programmes on TT and to ensure that they are accessible at a national level (Rec17)
_To promote the accreditation of TT professionals on a EU-wide basis, to facilitate exchange of personnel and experience, and promote mobility. (Rec18)

CERT-TTT-M is a bottom-up initiative by the participating countries and aims to complement OMC-CREST process by building up a framework or a blue-print education programme that
- Professionalizes TT on a trans-national level, thus reducing lack of TT skilled people in the ERA
- Covers all phases of the TT process, thus also facilitating a clear career structure for TT officers
- Meets the need for an official recognized course as basis for an official accredited profession (Certified TTT-Manager)
- Support MS policy makers to interlink CERT-TTT-M to their own specific TT-policy
- Standardizes the skill-set of TT profession in Europe (making comparable to internet. TT systems with view to TRENDCHART)
- Is based on surveys on both, the requirements to such a programme and the existing programmes in the EU

To achieve objectives it is vital to involve all the relevant TT stakeholders (also beyond Europe) by:
- Assigning CREST representatives to project steering committee, thus keeping in close touch with current CREST-cycle.
- Establishing work-groups with representatives from PROs that agree to implement education-programme subsequently on national and regional level (to be coordinated by CREST after end of project).
- Linking work-groups to advisory panel consisting of experts of major stakeholders (eg.Proton ASTP, EIRMA, EPO) in order to generate a process of mutual learning, to assure dissemination of the programme and to ensure concerted coordination at EU and national level.

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