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Reinforcement of research potential of laboratory for ecotoxicology


Laboratory for Ecotoxicology (LECOTOX) at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, represents qualified and very promising research capacity focused on toxic impact of persistent organic pollutants on biota with special emphases on fresh water ecosystem and sub-lethal types of toxicity (endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, and dioxin-like toxicity). The research activities of LECOTOX are identification and characterization of aquatic ecotoxicity in our region in accordance with modern scientific approach, environmental quality standards and criteria, and active participation in the sustainable development and a consistent environmental policy which has an ultimate character in the case of country in transition such as Serbia.

Objectives of the proposed project are collaboration with research institutions in EU, exchange of scientific personnel and the training of young scientists, hiring new young researches to reinforce the human resources and upgrading and renewal of S ^T equipment. Achievement of those goals should enable research group of LECOTOX to become ready for challenge in ecotoxicology, namely for ecotoxicogenomics, a study of gene and protein expression important in adaptive response to environmental toxicant exposure. Development and application of genomics based tools to tackle ecotoxicological questions, and intensive collaboration among researchers throughout the world on that issue, indicate significance of orientation to such propulsive field of investigation. Realization of the project would facilitate integration of LECOTOX into the European research area (ERA) as an appropriate partner in fundamental as well as applied research projects and in future activities within FP7.

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