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Reinforcement of the research potential in Centre for Meteorology and environmental predictions


Centre for Meteorology and Environmental Predictions (CMEP) at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, represents qualified and very promising research capacity focused on environmental predictions with special emphases on numerical weather prediction, agricultural forecasts, UV index forecast and monitoring and prediction of air pollution.

The programme planned to be realized through RRP-CMEP project forms coherent set of coordination, dissemination and education actions directly aimed to improve CMEP s capacities on RTD in basic sciences and environmental predictions related to environmental protection aspects. The activities of CMEP are aimed to achieve sustainable development and consistent environmental policy in Serbia and Montenegro, al ready recognized and widely elaborated with EU and which has an ultimate character in WBC.

Objectives of the proposed project are to use environmentally oriented numerical models, software and the modeling systems to predict basic tendencies in environment, to promote the collaboration with EU research institutions, to create opportunity for exchange of scientific personnel, and the training of young scientists, to hire new young researchers to reinforce the human potential, to upgrade and renew S Amp T equipment in order to reinforce internal scientific capacities and open possibility to form regional network and to integrate in the European research area (ERA).

Improving and reinforcing of RTD capacities through this project enables the establishment of a strong, well-equipped and internationally recognized research centre, an appropriate partner in ERA both in fundamental and applied researches and future activities within FP6 and FP7.

Field of science

  • /medical and health sciences/health sciences/public and environmental health
  • /social sciences/educational sciences
  • /social sciences/other social sciences/social sciences interdisciplinary/sustainable development
  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/atmospheric sciences/meteorology
  • /engineering and technology/environmental engineering/air pollution engineering

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

SSA - Specific Support Action


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