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Reinforcement of the research potential in Centre for Meteorology and environmental predictions

Final Report Summary - RRP-CMEP (Reinforcement of the research potential in Centre for Meteorology and environmental predictions)

The 'Centre for Meteorology and Environmental Predictions' (CMEP) of the University of Novi Sad consisted of four research groups, concentrating on environmental forecasts for applications in air and soil quality control, production of healthy food and public health services. The RRP-CMEP project aimed to assist the centre in improving and firmly establishing its research and technologic development (RTD) capacities, in order to achieve the following objectives:
1. to contribute to the strategic development of the European research area (ERA);
2. to promote state of the art applications in Serbia and in the western Balkan countries (WBC) region, thus ensuring attractive and challenging working environment for young scientists;
3. to facilitate the dissemination, transfer, exploitation and assessment of past and present research results obtained by the CMEP and its European partners through the establishment of a website and the development of an information system;
4. to prepare future WBC RTD activities via the elaboration of a relevant training programme.

The majority of the restructuring tasks and the equipment renewal was undertaken during the first project year, along with the necessary increase in the employed personnel. Moreover, an internet portal was developed and expertise was exchanged via CMEP scientists' visits in European institutions and vice versa. In addition, a promotional leaflet was produced and an international workshop was organised with participants from numerous countries.

RRP-CMEP contributed to the provision of a powerful computational tool, able to perform various analyses within the scope of CMEP activities. The developed website enabled the centre presentation, the dissemination of its activities, the realisation of educational actions and the increase of public awareness on environmental issues. Finally, the established international networks were particularly useful for the promotion of CMEP, the augmentation of its competence and the development of an intellectual environment that motivated research initiatives.

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