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Reinforcement of the Serbian centre for parasitic oonoses


During the past decade of conflicts and devastation in the WBC, parasitic infections have re-emerged as important public
health and animal health issues. Control of parasitic zoonoses requires continuous monitoring and control strategies
adapted to the local situations, but also coordinated regional/international actions. It is thus proposed to reinforce the
capacities of the Serbian Centre for Parasitic Zoonoses (SCPZ) at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) in Belgrade, as
a focal point for the surveillance and control of parasitic zoonoses at both the national and regional levels. In accordance
with the EU-Balkan countries Action Plan in Science and Technology (Thessaloniki, 2003) and the Recommendations of
the 2nd ad-hoc Group meeting of High Level Officials (Brussels, February 2005) to deepen the collaboration between EU
and WBC scientists, the aim of this proposal is to put this recommendation into action by reinforcing the SCPZcapacities
and thus creating a regional leader in the field and a trustworthy partner for future EU cooperations. There is no previous
initiative in the WBC to answer to the INCO 2006 WP, research priority B.3. HEALTH (transborder biological and epidemiological aspects of surveillance and control of major regionally relevant communicable diseases). Thus
reinforcement of the SCPZwill fulfil this gap. The timing is critical in view of both the motivation to prepare for future cooperation within FP7, and of the regional public health needs. The set of proposed activities includes mobilization of critical human and material resources in Serbia as well as networking with other EU and WBC research centres. Visits of distinguished EU experts and training of Serbian researchers in EU centes, and the upgrading of equipment, will all contribute to the reinforcement of Serbian S Amp T capacities, in turn creating an attractive working environment for the best young researchers and thus contributing to the prevention of brain drain.

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