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Environmental impacts of invasive alien species in aquaculture


The project is a CA designed to support the draft EC regulation 'Rules governing the introduction of exotic species and on containment of stock in aquaculture' (FISH A3/RB/2004025-A3). IMPASSE responds directly to Task 12, priority area 8.1. B.1.3. Its goal is to develop: Guidelines for environmentally sound practices for introductions and translocations in aquaculture, guidelines on quarantine procedures, and risk assessment protocols and procedures for assessing the potential impacts of invasive alien species in aquaculture. The project mobilises a consortium of experts in the management of aquatic alien species, including persons who drafted the ICES and EIFAC Codes of Practice on Introductions and Transfers of Aquatic Organisms, and key contributors in complimentary EC projects.

The project is organised into six work packages: WP1 Review of scientific information on alien species for aquaculture; WP2 Analysis of the impacts of alien species on aquatic ecosystems; WP3 Risk assessment and modelling; WP4 Dev elopment of guidelines; WP5 Consultation and dissemination; WP6 Scientific coordination and project management. The main activities require considerable collation and interrogation of existing information, development of strategic guidelines and protocols, and wide consultation and dissemination.

IMPASSE will produce a review of knowledge, develop methods and protocols to assess the environmental and economic risks of species introductions, stimulate exchange of scientific knowledge and opinion, and develop guidelines for environmentally sound practices for introductions and translocations in aquaculture. This will provide the information necessary for managers and policy makers to develop policy, legislation and measures to mitigate adverse impacts, both at European and national levels.

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