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Preparation for ATLAS data analysis in a TIER3 facility

Final Activity Report Summary - ATLASTIER3 (Preparation for ATLAS data analysis in a TIER3 facility)

In the ATLAS computing model the tiered hierarchy ranged from the Tier-0 (CERN) down to desktops or workstations (Tier-3). The focus on defining the roles of each tiered component has evolved with the initial emphasis on the Tier-0 and Tier-1 definition and roles. The various 'Large hadron collider' (LHC) projects, including ATLAS, then evolved the tiered hierarchy to include Tier-2's (Regional centres) as part of their projects. Tier-3 centres, on the other hand, have been defined as whatever an institution could construct to support their Physics goals using institutional and otherwise leveraged resources and therefore have not been considered to be part of the official ATLAS computing resources. However, Tier-3 centres are going to exist and will have implications on how the computing model should support ATLAS physicists. Tier-3 users will want to access LHC data and simulations and will want to enable their resources to support their analysis and simulation work. This project has defined at Tier3 prototype at IFIC (Instituto de Física Corpuscular de Valencia), after discussing with the ATLAS Tier-3 task force, which is coherent with the ATLAS computing.

In this project a computing facility has been developed for the ATLAS data analysis (TIER3) and the ATLAS software has been installed and maintained. Some analysis related with exotic resonances has been carried out at Institute using that infrastructure and shown to the ATLAS Physics and Computing communities.