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Baltic Popular Science TV Show "Futureshock"


Objective of the project "The Baltic scientific TV broadcast Futureshock" is to help ordinary people to get a better sense of the achievements of science in their countries, Baltic region, Europe and to promote the role of science in the Baltic region, its opportunities in Europe and the world, and to promote integration of Baltic countries in the club of European science.

The specific aim of this project is to produce and broadcast a cycle of programs, which focus on 18 important scientific events in the Baltic and the rest of Europe. Experienced partners of Science TV production companies from three Baltic countries will work together on the show. The program will be aired in prime-time (with re-broadcast) on the Latvian television (in Latvian and Russian), on the Lithuanian television (in Lithuanian) and on the Estonian television (in Estonian and Russian).

Each programme: 26 minutes, weekly. Each producer will come up with own national version that will be supplemented with views from the other two countries with respect to the issue that is being discussed. On a basis of this cooperation 10 most interesting subjects HansaMedia would produce "International version" that would be available for adaptation by any Science TV program in the World. This aspect is especially essential as a first step ever, to promote Baltic perspective in global debate of International Science for wider public. Futureshock will be available not only in television, but also on the Internet.

To define all 18 most important themes, to be covered by "Futureshock" the very beginning of the project will be to hold a conference of scientists appointed by Academies of Science of 3 Baltic countries, participants from the Baltic branches of the Association of Young Scientists and the Marie Curie Fellowship Association as well as all TV producers involved.

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