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European school of Antennas

Final Activity Report Summary - ESOA (European School of Antennas)

The project participated in the organisation and implementation of 22 courses about Antennas, Propagation and Wireless communications. Each course was held in 5 days, with possible home-assignments for extra-credits after the course. The typical format of one course has been 5 hours of lectures in the morning, and 3-4 hours of other activities in the afternoon. These activities have been concerned with exercises, reading of key papers on topical subjects, laboratory experiments, panel discussions, and student plenary presentations. Each course consisted on about 20-25 hours of lectures and 15-20 hours of other activities. The lectures have been provided in part by people from the host Universities, and in part by key-note speakers from the other institutions. The courses also include the participation of key-note speakers from industries and Universities external to the partner institutions. Each course, which foresees a written assessment test, provides to the students from 2 to 4 ECTS credits, depending on the quantity of additional home assignments.

The 24 institutions belonging to this MCA project have prepared a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to implement and develop ESOA. Besides the main objectives already mentioned, the other scopes of this Memorandum are: 1) pursuing the 'excellence of teaching' as a fundamental principle aiming the ESOA activity; 2) extending and encouraging the participation to ESOA to Parties external to the group; 3) laying down the basis to prolong the ESOA activity beyond the termination of the Marie Curie Action; 4) establishing common rules for the attribution and recognition of doctorate credits; 5) setting the competences of the ESOA board and ESOA leader, as concerned with the structuring, organization and management of the courses.