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Making national museums: comparing institutional arrangements, narrative scope and cultural integration

Final Activity Report Summary - NAMU (Making National Museums: comparing institutional arrangements, narrative scope and cultural integration)

The purpose of the program was to develop the tools, concepts and organisational resources necessary for investigating and comparing the major public structure of National Museums, as created historically and responding to contemporary challenges of globalisation, European integration, and new media. What are the forces and values of traditional national display in dealing with challenges to national, cultural and political discourse? This has been achieved by a series of conferences providing a venue for younger scholars and eminent researchers from Europe to gather and develop the multi-disciplinary competence necessary for understanding and comparing the dynamics of national museums in a framework for broader historical culture and identity politics. 30 PhD students, 10 post-docs and a selection of key-note speakers and the advisory board have been invited to participate in following the workshops:
Workshop 1. Setting the frames. Nations, civil society, disciplines and professionals defining national museums. Linköping University 26-28 February 2007.
Workshop 2. National museum narratives, Leicester University, 18-20 June 2007.
Workshop 3. National Museums in a Global World, Oslo 19-21 November 2007.
Workshop 4. Comparing: National Museums, Territories, Nation-Building and Change. Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden, 18-20 February 2008.
Workshop 5. Re-imagining the National Museum: Traditional Institutions in an era of technological change. University of Leicester, UK, 16-18 June 2008.
Workshop 6. Concluding conference: European national museums encountering a globalised Culture, Oslo, Norway 17-19November 2007.