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Organizational and communal determinants of technopark performance

Final Activity Report Summary - OCDTP (Organizational and Communal Determinants of Technopark Performance)

Dr. Ozgecan Kocak's re-integration into the European Research Area as a researcher and teacher was facilitated through two actions supported by this IRG grant. The first action was to organise a series of research seminars on Organization and Community Ecology. Seminars by twelve researchers (4 from Europe, 4 from the USA, 1 from New Zealand, and 3 from Turkey) were funded with this grant. In addition to giving seminars, all speakers met with doctoral students and faculty, and three speakers gave doctoral seminars.

The second action was to build an original dataset on European technoparks and their tenant firms that can be used to examine (1) determinants of community development among tenants of technoparks and (2) determinants of technopark success. Dr. Kocak and her assistants collected interview, survey, and archival data on Turkish and European technoparks and their tenants. Using these data, they wrote papers on 'Determinants of Interfirm Networks Among Tenants of Science Technology Parks', and on 'Design of Public Support for R and D: A Study of Turkish Technoparks'. They are also working on papers on technopark tenants' relationships with universities, and on these firms' performance.

In addition to papers addressing the initial objectives of the study, two new lines of research were developed with new collaborators. Findings of the research conducted so far have been presented at three national and four international conferences. One paper is under review at an academic journal and two short reports were published in a Turkish trade journal.