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Chemical and Structural Synergy in Heterobimetallic Chemistry


Recent breakthroughs in the field of s-block metal amide chemistry have unveiled a novel new class of compounds for which the term "inverse crowns" has been coined. These compounds are the product oaf remarkable synergy, which is switched on by the co-operative action of mixing two different s-block metal atoms within the same molecular environment. Removing one of the metal atoms switches off the synergy. As featured on a recent front cover of Angewandte Chemise, this synergy can bring about unprecedented regioselective deprotonative mutilations, such as the transformation of kerosene to previously unknown 1, G, 3, 3'-tetra form. This project will develop and extend this synergistic chemistry on three main fronts, as follows: first, it will introduce different metal-metal pairings to the host rings, placing special emphasis on redo-active metals; second, it will investigate the electrophilicreactivity of existing inverse crowns in attempts to prepare new functionalised fierceness and related compounds, and third, the synthesis of new inverse crowns incorporating other important metalloceneand p-arena complexes will be undertaken. The results emanating from the project should be of considerable interest to a diverse range of chemists including main group, transition metal, and organic synthetic and supramolecular ones. The research project will provide an excellent training vehicle forth Spanish applicant, giving her a rare opportunity for pushing forward the frontiers of an exciting, emerging new topic unique to the research group based in Scotland.'

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