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Electric Power Supply Strategy in the 21st Century - the Renewable Energy Sources Option (EPS 2003 - RES)


The conference is designed to assist European countries, particularly Accession Countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in developing their long-term electric power strategy. The Essential part of its programme will focus on assessing the potential role of renewable energy sources (RES) and on the exchange of experiences between European countries in this area. The ongoing transition to a market economy in the Accession Countries and new developments influencing both the level of demand for electricity as well as selection of energy sources to satisfy this demand will have to be recognized. The subject of the conference justifies its organization in Poland, which similarly as a number of countries in the region, is joining the European Union. The programme of the conference will serve the purpose of exchanging creative information between the countries concerned, particularly Accession Countries, of familiarizing them with the relevant attitude of the EC ("Green Paper. Towards a European strategy for the security of energy supply", Brussels, November 2000) and of reviewing methods, proper for optimal power strategy, of comparing electric power options. Technological progress, economic aspects, ecological and sustainability aspects are among the issues to be considered. The RES will be closely reviewed and suggested as worthy potentiality to AC (in the case of Poland - the biomass).

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