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The software developers' community agrees, to some extend, in saying that the all object approach to software engineering is not fully satisfactory. Different new approaches are under investigation, most notably the Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) - which is relatively mature and usable - the Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) - somehow less mature - and more recently the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) - in its very early stages. This project addresses the software federations - a state of the art approach developed by the host team - Laboratories Logicians Systems Roseau (LSR) - Granola, which relies to all these technologies and approaches, and proposes a conceptual framework in which complex, heterogeneous and distributed applications can be developed. The major goal is to provide ways to develop applications from software tools currently available on the market. Recently, federations have been extended to address the issues raised by the design of applications based on platform independent models, in such a way to be MDA compliant. While the approach is appealing, many issues are still pending, both from the conceptual and technical sides. Conceptually, the semantic relationships between models need to be refined and experimented, to assess how relevant they are. Technically, the way these relationships are implemented, generated and managed is still major issue.
This work will address the following issues:
- design by model composition and model structuration (at meta level, model level and execution levels);
- identification and experimentation of the associated design and development methodology; - definition of the generation technique(s);
- concepts and tools for the definition (modelling) of the application evolution and its dynamic management; - real size experiments in industrial settings.

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