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Policy pathways to promote the development and adoption cleaner technologies


The aim of this research project is to assess the issues driving and barriers slowing the development and uptake of cleaner technologies by businesses and households across the energy, agricultural, transport and industrial sectors of the economy. The project will clarify what are the barriers impeding progress of cleaner technologies and what policy initiatives, and additional research tasks are needed to address these barriers. The output of this policy-targeted research will be of particular use to policy makers looking for new tools and insights into how to encourage innovation and use of cleaner technologies and hence help in the practical implementation of sustainable development. This project proposes to explore the drivers, barriers and policy context for cleaner technologies in each of the sectors, complemented by an in-depth analysis of 8 technology-specific case studies. The analysis will combine extensive survey work into the reasons behind innovation and business engagement in technology development and uptake, with stakeholder and expert consultation. The analysis will differentiate between countries and industrial, economic and regulatory settings. Conclusions on required policy instruments will distinguish between national and sect oral differences and consider the possibilities as well as limitations of transferring policy measures from one country or case study to another. Research in innovation and environmental policy has provided numerous insights into the barriers that hamper the firm's engagement in the development and use of cleaner technologies. However, it still lacks empirically tested theoretical models at the European level. The approach of this project integrates and furthers newest theoretical and methodological insights from the innovation and environmental policy realms. Special effort will be placed on the design of policy measures that define new environmental and technology policy pathways.'

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