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Preparing for the hydrogen economy by using the existing natural gas system as a catalyst (NATURALHY)


The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is an essential element for global sustainable development. Despite the challenges going together with implementing a hydrogen based energy system, there is global interest in hydrogen as an energy carrier with commercial competition emerging for the EU from Japan and the US. Urgent progress towards the development of a full hydrogen system requires a practical strategy within the context of an existing natural gas system. The transition to a full hydrogen system will be lengthy, costly and requires significant R&D. The aim of NATURALHY is to test all critical aspects of a hydrogen system by adding hydrogen to natural gas in existing networks. This transitional approach will provide further experience with the transmission of hydrogen and natural gas mixtures and, by means of innovative separation technologies, the hydrogen utilisation in end use applications. The development of the road map for the use of hydrogen in the EU of IP HYWAYS will be supported. The economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of hydrogen systems including production technologies will be evaluated and compared with existing systems. Issues of safety, durability and pipeline integrity will be investigated. A Decision Support Tool will be developed to assist the technical implementation of hydrogen. In cooperation with NoE HYSAFE, awareness of the prominent attractions of hydrogen will be raised. A systematic and co-ordinated approach will be adopted in NATURALHY with a collection of work packages focussing on all vital components of transitional and full hydrogen systems. A European consortium of 40 partners with extensive experience and skills is assembled. In addition to a management team, guidance will be provided by a Strategic Advisory Committee. Potential collaboration and synergies will be fostered with complementary projects. Established information networks will be used in dissemination.

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