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Face-To-Face: Connecting Distance and Proximity


The conference constitutes an important instrument for enhancing the European Research Area in anthropology. The structure of penuries, round table, and workshops presents model of interactive training with significant emphasis on closely connecting early stage researchers and experienced ones. It aims at combining the presentation of works in progress with current theoretical and methodological debates. In addition, "the coffeehouse", a special place for communication, will serve as meeting point for invited experienced researchers from various European backgrounds with early stage researchers on an informal level. The general theme of the conference addresses core social and cultural problems, which area the heart of current international debates in anthropology and have particular expressionism social realities within the European Union. The major focus is contemporary culture as apace determined by regional diversities as well as tendencies towards transnation alhomogeneity where borders are constantly challenged and redefined. The title of this conference articulates the various dimensions of human interaction given in such complex relationships? On one hand in close contact with each other, and on the other hand in contexts of new communication technologies. This project significantly promotes the capacities of early stage researchers for perceiving and analysing socio-cultural problems, enabling them to improve the quality of their future research. It will further develop their capacities to offer viable solutions to actual socio-cultural problems and give them an understanding of the demands of high quality work inside the European Research Area while at the same time maintaining an understanding of international relations and the world's complexity.

Field of science

  • /social sciences/educational sciences
  • /social sciences/sociology/social issues/social inequality/racial inequality
  • /social sciences/political science/political policy/civil society
  • /social sciences/sociology/anthropology

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