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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition - Education of skills and cross fertilization


This conference deals with a new and exciting method to deposit silicon and carbon based materials, Catalytic Chemical Vapour Deposition, or Hot Wire CVD. It is an inherently cheap, and an amazingly fast and gentle method for the deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon, diamond like carbon, and carbonanotubes. The interest in this method is currently exploding worldwide. Bringing together in Europe experienced and young scientists from all over the world to interact in this exciting area will be beneficial to the thin film scientific community as a whole. Europe has the largest number of research groups that are active in this field, but advanced expertise is available overseas, in the USA and Japan. This conference will therefore be very effective, by bringing in overseas experts as well as many young researchers from Europe, including the Associated States. The conference will address the chemical deposition chemistry (including catalytic filament issues) and chemical and electronic aestivation techniques, the thin films that can be obtained consisting of silicon possessing various Nan structures, epitomical films, insulating films, and carbon-related films. In addition twill deal with the industrial implementation that is currently under study also in Europe, by demonstrating large area and economically interesting capabilities of the technique. The high deposition rate is of interest to the solar cell industry and the display industry. Also carbon annotates can be produced at high rate and conformai coverage by thin polymer layers, e.g. on biomedical applications, has been achieved. The lack of ion bombardment translates into superior surface aestivation and significant noise reduction in electronic devices. The properties of many advanced materials are based on functional layers.

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