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Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry - 11th Session: Creativity in Organic Synthesis, from Target to Function


The main goal of the proposed Conference IASOC 2004 is to bring together the best, most innovative investigators in the various fields of synthetic organic chemistry in order to debate the latest developments of the following topics:
(i) homogeneous catalysis, with emphasis on enantioselectivecatalysis,
(ii) combinatorial chemistry, applied to both drug and catalyst discovery/optimisation,
(iii) synthesis of complex bioactive compounds, both from the academic viewpoint and from the industrial perspective,
(iv) bioorganic technologies.IASOC 2004 is based on an extremely timely project and the number of prominent scientists from all-round the world who are being invited (see Annex B2.1) to illustrate the most up to date discoveries in the selected topics will guarantee the success. There is no doubt in our mind that IASOC 2004 will be a major scientific event that will maintain, and even exceed, the high quality of previous IASOCmeetings, offering the young European Chemists an invaluable opportunity to improve their own knowledge in organic synthesis and related disciplines. They will have the opportunity to come in contact with senior researchers, who are worldwide recognized experts in the topics selected for the exciting programme of the proposed Conference IASOC 2004.During five working days, they will be exposed to the most up to date developments in the above topics that will be presented extensively and examined from different viewpoints and perspectives. Discussion will be promoted in order to foster the best profitable flow of information between young researchers and leading scientists, with the aim to acquaint the formers with the benefits but also with the limitations offered by novel methodologies and recent breakthroughs in synthetic organicchemistry. Such exchange will be encouraged to continue informally during the entire meeting, mainly by scheduled appointments on "special hours".

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