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Organisation of DIMAT 2004; 6th International Conference on Diffusion in Materials


The 6th International Conference on Diffusion in Materials (DIMAT 2004) is the largest event-gathering specialist working in this field of material science. Researchers trapped in their narrow scientific domains have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues investigating the different aspects of diffusion behaviour. Thus, the DIMAT Conference strongly promotes an interdisciplinary approach in materials science. Due to the rapid technological progress and taking into account the priorities of FP6, the special attention will be addressed to all diffusion controlled complex processes, like corrosion, surface treatment or radiation effects. Moreover, DIMAT 2004 will cover new challenges associated with structural, multifunctional and intelligent materials, nanotechnology and biotechnology, in which understanding the role of diffusion as the mastering process is of a paramount importance. In this way the Conference will combine the classical issues and new cutting-edge subjects and should lead to a significant step forward in this field of materials science In order to ensure the competitiveness of European Science, young researchers working in the classical areas of materials science should be given a perspective to apply their knowledge and to extend their competence in appropriate directions. One of the main goals oedema 2004 is to provide such training. This will be achieved by mixing classical and cutting-edge topics in the conference program, by inviting speakers capable to give a broad overview of the new areas as well as organization of a special session for young speakers. The roundtable discussion is also of a great importance. Special awards for best posters and lectures given by young participants are also foreseen. The papers will be published in a Special Issue of Defects and Diffusion Data edited by Transect Publication.

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