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Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary European Studies


The Centre for European Studies (CES) at University College London is unique in offering graduate students the opportunity to investigate Europe in its entirety. The interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary Master's degrees and Doctorates offered by the CES integrate the expertise of 150 academics at UCL with research interests in the fields of European history, politics, cultural studies, literature, art, film, and theory. It is the principal purpose of the Centre to coordinate these teaching resources and to allow graduates to pursue a broad, coherent and structured course of study in an interdisciplinary learning environment. Without such interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary investigation, a full understanding of issues such as those concerning citizenship, multiculturalism, nationalism, regionalism, Europeanism, communication and the knowledge society is difficult, if not impossible. Academics and students have both begun to realise this fact, which has led to a rapid expansion of the supply of and demand for undergraduate European studies programmes across the EU. The CES aims to equip future academics with the broad skills required to be successful and effective in such a field. In order to achieve such objectives, CES Early Stage Training (EST) has been divided into two parts: Master s level training (one year) and doctoral level (two/three years). Fellows who successfully complete the Master s stage of training may subsequently proceed to apply for further, more intensive research training at PhD level (for a further two years). This funding will facilitate their transition to doctoral research during their first PhD year and will enable them to spend up to a year doing archival and other research in one or more European countries. Throughout their period of training, fellows are closely monitored and assessed in order to ensure their steady progress.

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