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The main goal of String Theory is to supplant the current unified theory of fundamental interactions, the Standard Model, and to include it (as a low energy approximation) in a coherent and complete description of quantum gravity, much as quantum mechanics included classical physics as a limiting case. The area of string theory is certainly one of the most active fields of research in theoretical physics today precisely because it addresses such a fundamental question. String theory has had many important successes in the last ten years but is certainly not a complete theory at the present time. Many important problems remain and it is the aim of this conference tore views them in a thorough way. STRINGS’04 will be the most important conference in 2004 devoted to all aspects of strings theory which besides quartering gravity include its relation to particle phenomenology, its applications to cosmology and its interplay with many areas of mathematics. It will gather most of the world leaders in the field in the prestigious and newly renovated setting of the College deFrance. To empower the largest number of young scientists to attend the conference and fully benefit format, a weeklong school, to be held at the Institute des HautesÉtudes Scientifiques, where a series of pedagogical lectures will be delivered by some of the best lecturers, will precede the conference itself. This school is an integral part of the present proposal. The last day of the conference will be devoted to a series of public lectures open to non-specialists. The organizers have a long and successful experience in setting up conferences and training events.'

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