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PhD Programme in Business and Management


There is currently a paucity of quality researchers embarking on academic careers in the EU. This proposal addresses this problem by supporting 6 early-stage Fellows for 36 months each on the Lisped programme, to train researchers who will go on to become leading scholars in the fields of business and management. LBS are a leading centre of research and teaching in business and management with leading faculty and research facilities. The LBS PhD programme is unique in Europe, both in the strength of the coursework element, which provides a thorough grounding in arrange of research skills, and the quality of the research environment, led by the School's world class faculty. Fellows will construct a 2-year coursework-based training programme under the guidance of their supervisor, selecting from 6 core and over 30 subject specific courses. Additional specialist courses are also available during the research phase of the programme. Opportunities for personal development in teaching skills, interview techniques and writing skills are provided. The range of research seminars, visiting and distinguished speakers and social events available encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and sharing of outputs, creating a rich and diverse training and research environment. This proposal will enhance the profile of early-stage research training in business and management in Europe, in particular, increasing cross-border mobility, and making Europe more attractive to researchers. This is a critical factor in the promotion of a genuine European Research Area (ERA).

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