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Novel ingredients for healthier foods


New ingredients with specific functional and biological properties are required to manufacture new product. The Millard reaction constitutes an efficient procedure to improve the functional properties of proteins without using chemical reagents that could be toxic and difficult to remove. Enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins has also been proposed as an effective treatment to produce ingredients for functional foods. However, the number of investigations related to the effect of the Millard reaction on the biological properties of proteins is still limited and the possible use of this procedure combined with enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain bioactive peptides is practically unexplored and this is the aim of this investigation. New ingredients will be obtained by Millard reactions of soy proteins and carbohydrates with different molecular weight and reactivity combined with enzymatic hydrolysis by employing 3 different enzymes.
Both gyration and enzymatic hydrolysis procedures will be carried out under controlled conditions. Peptides will be isolated using chromatographic techniques. Peptides obtained from gyrated and non-gyrated proteins may be different due to the presence of carbohydrates, which may affect enzymes digestion. Peptides may possess specific and probably better and different characteristics than those obtained from the intact protein.
Allergenic effects will be evaluated and employed as the main criterion of selection. Other biological properties, including antioxidant, antithrombotic and antihypertensive activities will be also evaluated. Bioactive peptides will be selected and their functional properties (solubility and thermal stability) will be assayed. Peptides showing desirable biological and functional properties will be proposed as new ingredients for formulated functional foods and their structure will be elucidated. Statistical analysis will carried out in order to find links between structure and functions.

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