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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Control of assembly and charge transport properties of immobilized DNA


The goal of this proposal is to establish the basic conditions for DNA-based biotechnology-biotechnology. The programme which rests on biochemistry, advanced co-ordination chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, surface physics and theoretical chemistry comprises:
(1) the optimisation of topology and dynamics of surface-immobilised DNA hybrids using a novel spectroscopic approach applying electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques in parallel;
(2) the development of novel binding procedures of DNA to metal or semiconductor surfaces;
(3) tailored modifications of DNA bloomers and assembly of complex DNA architectures as elements of biosensor devices;
(4)high-resolution mapping of the metal/DNA interface;
(5)the investigation of intra-hybrid charge transfer based on time-resolved optical spectroscopy;
(6)the study of interfacial charge transfer using scanning tunnelling microscopy;
(7)an assessment of the mechanism of electron transport in DNA hybrids and across metal/DNA interfaces based on NMR structure and sophisticated molecular modelling simulations The strong impact expected of this joint effort rests on the combination of different synthetic approaches, on the high level of structural resolution, time-resolved electron transport dynamics, topology and electrochemistry of surface-immobilized hybrids of DNA and its analogues and single molecules imaging techniques as well as on quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations. Taken together, this so far unique combination of methods in experiment and theory will yield results crucial for existing and future medical diagnostics and DNA-based environmental biosensorics. In terms of immediate exploitation this CIDNA project will rest on novel robustness structures and analogues. In more general terms of DNA-chip technology the programme will also assess the potential of (cheap and fast) electrochemical readout periphery.


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