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Superhigh energy milling in the production of hard alloys, ceramic and composite materials


Super high energy ball milling with the help of novel laboratory and industrial planetary mills will be applied for the development of new materials and technologies based on particle size reduction and mechanical activation of particles. Fundamental aspects of mechanical activation of materials will be studied. Improved performance of new materials will be achieved by means of finding an optimal balance between the size effects and effects of mechanical activation of particles. The specific feature of the project is the use of the planetary mills characterized by dramatically higher energy density than conventional milling equipment. The main groups of materials studied in this project would be hard alloys, intermetallics and composites, salons and multi component ceramic oxides. Processing studies will be carried out for developing technologies and materials for applications in various industrial fields. Optimisation studies of the processing procedures and materials performance evaluation in the industrial environment will follow. The aims of the project include development of technologies providing high-volume production of Nan scale materials at low cost and technologies of recycling of solid materials in a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly process. Technological developments will exploit novel industrial planetary mills of continuous mode. Applications of the approach in various fields of industry including manufacturing of cutting tools, production of special refractories, production of advanced ceramics, development of hard thin coatings, development of improved thermal spray coatings, will be investigated.

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