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The scope of this proposal is Flexible Collective Mobility Services (FCMS). This covers all forms of Intermediate Transport which may be classified as flexible and collective. One example is Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) which provides transport services "on demand" from passengers and where fleets of vehicles are scheduled to pick up and drop off people in accordance with their needs. However, such transport services to date do not yet exploit the true potential of Flexible Collective Mobility and further work is required on the knowledge acquisition, analysis and dispatching functions of the intermediate transport solutions that are required in the pursuit of sustainable mobility. The use of urban col lective transport for passenger traffic and smalI goods traffic has important potential from the viewpoint of environment and city logistics. There are considerable possibilities to reduce (gasoline-fuelled) private traffic, save operating costs and increase the level of service experience by the passenger whilst also encouraging the promotion of small alternatively-fuelled vehicles.
The main activities of CONNECT are:
To set up a continuously updated web-based "Virtual Library", which gathers and manages information on on-going research, the state-of-the-art and good practices in flexible transport and its supporting technologies.
To support the deveIopment of skills and best practice in the fieId of FCMS through : provision of courses training and educational resources; facilitation of exchanges of personnel, experience and knowledge collection, development and promotion of best practice approaches; and identification and development of research opportunities.
To provide guidelines and recommendations for supporting business development of FCMS.
To organise four thematic workshops workshops for relevant User Communities covering systems and operations; technologies; vehicles and vehicle technologies : and impacts and business case of FCMS.

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