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Cutting tools and miniaturised parts with complex geometry based on nano powders (NANOCERAM)


The aim of the project is to develop the technology of processing ofnanosized ceramic powders including the adoptions of shaping method for prototypes as well as for small and large series. The project is focused on applications ofY -stabilized ZrO2 and Si3N4 for wood cutting tools as well as for parts of medicine technique and micro systems, micro reactors and sensors. The plasma chemical technology for powder manufacturing and new technologies of surface modifications of the powders will be a breakthrough for the use of ceramic nanopowders in connection with the shaping methods gel casting, inj ection moulding and pressing. The sintering methods must become developed for nanopowders to get dense materials with nanosized microstructure. Wear resistant cutting tools and instruments, gears and bearings with low friction coefficient shall become key components for new products. The involvement of SME's guaranties the flexibility to enter into the aimed market. Other applications shall follow.

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