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Multiplex bioassays using the two-photon excitation method (BIOTPHEX)


TThe project aims to develop the two-photon excitation (TPX) method for the measurement of fluorescence from antibody labels on the surface of micro- and nano-sized carrier particles, The proposed two-photon excitation (TPX) method which is based on fluorescence caused in micro-volumes by two-photon excitation combineshe most advanced technology in micro-fluidistics, micro-mechanics, laser scanning microscopy and flow cytometry applications. The method will enable multiplex identification of antibody labels and the project will develop new antibodies suitable for high sensitivity assays. The current microchip laser will be developed to increase pulse frequency and reduce pulse duration. The TPX plate reader will allow multiplexed analysis through the use of fluorescent labelling agents which have different emission wavelengths. The microplate to be used will significantly reduce reagent requirements and dispense with the multiple washing currently required in conventional methods. The project will extend the method to be suitable for cell counting by combining it with oxygen up-take measurement technologies and an appropriate laser model. A fibre laser based on the VIOLA laser will be developed and tested in parallel with the current microchip laser. The objective of the project is to produce pre-production models to allow large-scale screening of a biomaterials and pharmacological compounds which can be carried out in distributed centres, improving the logistics involved in current bio-assays. Significant attention will be paid also to reducing waste and reagent use, The technology to be developed will enable the multinational SME:s involved to created significant products for global markets to be commercialised by the partners through an agreed action plan, taking into consideration the IP-rights developed. The exchange of know-how between the partners will also benefit and support'their own development efforts and provide access to EU funding models for the non-E

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