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Development of simple and reliable on-line monitoring equipment for thermal spraying control (DESIRE)


Industrial production of the high quality coatings remains a permanent priority for all thermal spray companies. It is known that the spray companies have improved the level of quality and performance of the industrially applied coatings. However, this situation has shifted the practical issue in industrial environments from """"how to make"""" to """"how to guarantee"""", questioning the stability of the own spray process during the long spray sessions required by industry. Advanced control systems lead to reproducible primary input parameters but they are not enough to monitor the variation of the coating quality resulting from permanent or sudden modifications in the system hardware, such as nozzle wear, spitting, troubling in feeding lines, gas leaks, tube erosion, etc. undetectable by these systems but extremely important for practical applications. The development of the equipment proposed in this project, offers the possibility to monitor and control permanently the characteristics of the thermal spray flame, as direct indicator of the stability of the spray process. Thus the promised quality of the sprayed coatings could be finally guaranteed. The main advantages of the equioment: simple, cost effective, reliable to support the working environment, small-sized to follow the gun movements, and easy to be implemented in existing spray cells. All these characteristics are met by an equipment based on photo diode array, used to quantify the intensity and spatial distribution of the flame emission, instead the existing devices, intrinsically complex and non-adapted to industrial use, focused on the measurement of the velocities and temperatures of the powder particles. The main industrial objective of the oroject is to develop a simple cost effective and reliable on-line monitor and control device, specifically adapted to the flame characteristics of the thermal spray process. The development will be done by establishing experimentally the required electronic hardware and

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