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Launching a Visionary Quest for the Intelligent School of Tomorrow on the basis of Relevant State-of-the-art Scientific and Technological Achievements


The School-foresight proposal aims to realize different visions for the "intelligent school of tomorrow" unveiling, particularly to school students, new horizons that are created thanks to the contribution of scientific and technological achievements performed in the European Research Area. The visualisation of the "intelligent school of tomorrow" will be realised by focusing on two scientific and technological domains: a) new learning techniques and ICT technologies affecting learning process, methods and tools and b) ICT & eco-efficient technologies in intelligent school buildings affecting school as a physical entity. Experts will analyse and select the most suitable for demonstration relevant FP5 projects. Equally, Experts will adapt and popularise the scientific content based on young people perception abilities and the respective pedagogical principles. To prepare the information activities a detailed organisational plan and a diversified information material will be prepared. To accelerate early involvement of school students a School-foresight composition contest with subject "A vision for the school of 2020" will also be organised. 5 cities of Greece, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic will host a diversified Information Programme before, during and after the European Science Week 2004, including publicity, core, and closing events. 5 interactive exhibitions, debate workshops, a virtual 'classroom of tomorrow' comprising a synchronous collaborative lesson (of science and technology's impact on school education) will be used to achieve the project's objectives. Ai least 10,000 secondary school students of 5 European countries will participate in projects activities and interact with the most recent state-of-the-art S&T achievements. A quantitative and qualitative review of project's results and dissemination activities to 7 discrete target groups will conclude School-foresight project's activities.'

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