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Legal feasibility of management of technological risks in the light of the precautionary principle


The project is divided in two parts, which are complementary and interactive. The first part of the project (50pc) is focusing on tuition of International environmental law chiefly at Oslo University and supervision of Ph.D. students in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø Universities in Norway as well as Ph. D. students from other Nordic countries.

The second part of the project (50pc) is dealing with a leading edge topic, the compatibility of the implementation of a precautionary principle in order to manage technological risks in accordance with basic legal requirements within International (WTO) law, European Community law and national law (mainly compliance with proportionality principle, free movement of goods principle, non-discrimination principle, principle of coherence, cost-benefit analysis), in particular in the fields of chemicals, waste management and biodiversity.

The project involves different universities, different legal disciplines and is of a multi-disciplinary nature.

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