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Magnetic resonance in drug screening


The SmartScreen Consortium will transfer cutting edge Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology for drug screening and drug design from the Host (UNIFRANMR) to three Industrial Partners, a large pharmaceutical company and a start-up company. The core technologies used by the Consortium will be protein based Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) screening using isotopically labelled proteins and various ligand based NMR screening techniques. As a vital prerequisite for the screening the Consortium will establish protocols to produce large amounts of uniformly or partially labelled proteins.

The Consortium will also include a start-up company focussing on chemical synthetic strategies to access molecules with modified or enhanced properties for NMR based screening. The Consortium will have the goal to form lasting partnerships between its members by exchanging research staff between the laboratory of UNIFRANMR and the laboratories of the Industrial Partners. The training will include special lectures, workshops and seminars. The researchers will receive hands-on training by doing the research under the guidance of highly qualified scientific staff.

The project will enable the Industrial Partners to expand their research programs, to use NMR screening technology to develop new drugs and to synthesize inhibitors with optimised properties for NMR based screening. The host will mutually benefit from the training effort by extending its capacity in applied scientific subsection of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

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