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Research on communication disorders in the maltese population


The Communication Therapy (CT) Division within the University of Malta aims to foster research in humancommunication disorders particularly related to the local speech and language disordered population. The CTDivision is relatively small and young and is the only local training establishment of speech-languagepathologists. There is a crucial need for the Division to develop its research competence to enable it to embarkon research projects that reflect on the quality of the speech therapy service offered i n Malta Communicationimpairments have important societal implications, particularly for children whose speech and/or languagedisorders affect their educational, emotional and psychological development.The objectives of this project are to host within the C T Division in Malta a more experienced researcher and sendfrom Malta an experienced researcher for the effective transfer and development of knowledge in researchmanagement related to human communication disorders. These objectives will be achieved as foll ows:n1. Hosting in Malta a more experienced researcher from the University of Newcastle, UK for a period of 3months, who will help insetting up a research base within the CT Division;promoting internationally recognised research training standards;promoti ng training of researchers;setting up joint research projects particularly related to disordered speech in children.2. Sending an experienced researcher from the CT Division, for a period of 3 months to the University ofNewcastle to acquire new knowledge a nd gain research experience in relation tostandardising assessments for use with the Maltese communication disordered population;running epidemiológica! studies on speech and language disorders among the Maltese population;establishing a multidisciplinary perspective for carrying out research projects;planning and establishing collaborative projects of mutual interest with the University of Newcastl#

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