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Textile innovation environment in ACC


To enhance European dimension of the CC textile sector innovation it is necessary to encourage its wider participation in RTD programs. Regarding the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market within the Union, the textile and clothing sectors in the CC have seen severe restructuring bringing considerable reduction in employment. Under situation, when the sector restructuring keeps advancing, it is necessary to encourage research and technology development of the sector, not least because of t he fact that one of their main competitive advantages - lower labour costs - is bound to decrease over time.

Main aim of the ENVITEX project is to set up and implement textile sector partner search database that will contain appropriate information on researchers, research organizations and SMEs (interested in FP6 participation) in order to facilitate partner searching for the creation of consortia. In the interest of the data quality assurance the constituent part of project will be evaluation of complete innovative potential of textile sector in selected CCs.

On basis of this analysis will be chosen according to predermined criteria the subjects suitable for participation in projects FP, which will be addressed with aim to find out their real interest in participation. At the interesting persons in participation ranged between SMEs will be accomplished the technological audit in order to identify real possibilities of the enterprise engagement in programs of research and development.

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