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Integration of Associated Candidate Countries and New EU Member States in European Research Area by Environmental approaches

Final Report Summary - ERA-ENV (Integration of associated Candidate Countries and new EU Member States in European Research Area by environmental approaches)

The ERA-ENV project aimed to encourage and facilitate the participation of research associations and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Candidate Countries (ACCs) and New Member States (NMSs) of the European Union in activities funded under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The project mainly focussed on actions related to the Danube river basin and the Black Sea coast. In addition, ERA-ENV advertised the European research initiatives in ACCs and NMSs in order to increase awareness of the opportunities offered by the European Union and mobilise the formulation of scientific consortia.

Therefore, the project was anticipated to raise the quality and quantity of undertaken research efforts and contribute to the implementation of the 'Global change and ecosystems' work programme. Its numerous activities actively promoted research competence on the environment sector, offered extensive training options to researchers and SMEs' representatives, supported proposals' elaboration and submission and, finally, allowed for the establishment of partnerships between the Member States, ACCs and NMSs.

Firstly, an awareness campaign was implemented in each country in order to present the project, its activities and objectives. Secondly, an informative database was constructed, maintained and regularly updated. In addition, a series of training sessions were organised, providing information on the rules for participation in the calls of FP6 or advices related to the appropriate implementation of running projects. Direct partner search and match making was also strongly encouraged. Dissemination and promotion activities were of utmost importance and included preparation and distribution of printed and electronic material, organisation of events and development and regular update of the project website.