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Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web-Service Enabled Applications Using Semantic Web Technologies, Distributed Decision Support Units and Multi-Agent#


The primary project objective is to develop an IT framework, which enables software and service providers to generate and establish open and extensible development platforms for WEB-Service applications. Generated in this way, the open platform consists of coupled and linked INFRAWEBS units, whereby each unit provides tools and adaptable system components to analyse, design and maintain WEB-Services realised as Semantic-Web-Services (SW services) within the whole life cycle. In the first step the INFRAWEBS units are be used to establish an open development and collaboration platform for SMEs and industrial suppliers for software and services. The envisaged framework offers a new dimension of collaborative work and service production, service provision and service maintenance in run-time environments. The challenges and main objectives for the INFRAWEBS project are to develop a framework to:(i) provide a comfortable and "easy to use" knowledge brokering unit,(ii) used within a collaborative workflow environment for analysis, design and composition of SW services(iii) supplemented with secure and privacy preserving run-time and maintenance tools. These objectives will be achieved by developing software components consisting of:(i) an ontology and similarity based organizational memory and tools for extracting and retrieving specific knowledge and information for SW services, and(ii) a P2P agent-based interoperability environment (Distributed SW service repositories) for CBR based design and composition of SW services (Designer, Composer), and(iii) run-time modules for supervision (Executor) and maintenance , (Quality of Service Broker) of executed SW services considering security and privacy aspects. The relevance to the 6th framework programme is given as the answer to the European demands for interoperable middleware and tools to support the developers in the production of distributed WEB services with added value.

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