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Improving project & research management skills in third countries to stumulate their cooperatin with Europe for life- sciences


Life science research is increasingly global. Much research potential outside Europe in this field remains untapped: many excellent research teams in various third countries around the globe would like to co-operate with Europe at the level they do with US organizations, but are hindered by various constraints. In order to participate in and fully benefit from FP6, they will need to adopt management and administration standards and procedures matching those applied by their partners in Europe. Much of t he training currently provided in this field is fragmented, fails to address the appropriate target audiences and often does not address specific local conditions. This project aims to develop an unique program to improve R&P Management skills through a combination of: - fact finding on the local needs for professional development in the context of local research management and administration practices - interviews with high level staff to address different organisational contexts and develop a limite d set of local case studies - delivering a customized program of interactive workshops using those case studies, to provide an effective environment for sharing good practice - for selected workshop trainees: direct aid to meet potential partners in Europ e and attend relevant conferences - interaction with the NCPs or equivalent bodies in these countries to develop policy recommendations to create maximum benefits from international collaboration and mobility of highly educated personnel to and from Europ e Collaboration with professional associations through established contacts will enable wider dissemination. This project aims to professionalize the management of research in these countries, so that international partnerships can be more efficient, pu blic funding spent more effectively and the results of research projects can be validated. Thereby it has the potential to make an essential contribution towards a global role of the ERA.

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