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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Diagnostic molecular imaging


The goal of this proposal (DiMI) is the creation of a network of excellence to integrate multidisciplinary research for the development of new probes and multimodal non-invasive imaging technology for early diagnosis, assessment of disease progression and treatment evaluation. The general objectives of DiMI are: - To coordinate and efficiently integrate 45 research groups from various disciplines to study non-invasively gene expression and function in major diseases such as neurodegeneration, stroke, heart failure, atherosclerosis and autoimmune diseases. - To advance molecular imaging for diagnostic purposes to a high scientific, technical and economical status and to form synergistic partnerships with other EU-funded networks and projects to translate fundamental research discoveries into medical applications, health benefit and value for European society. - To stimulate strong technological developments inspired by the specific research projects by the implementation of Technology and Training Platforms (DiMI-TTPs). Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of molecular imaging technology the instrument for our goals is a Network of Excellence bringing together genome-oriented scientists with the various actors of imaging science and clinicians dedicated to formulate novel diagnostic methods based on imaging. The Joint Programme of Activities comprises: 1. Integrating Activities (sharing facilities, exchange of personnel, integration of SMEs) 2. Three horizontal and 3 vertical research activities in the JPRA serving integration and cross-fertilization: - Horizontal activities comprising technological aspects: (i) multimodal imaging technology, (ii)library of diagnostic and smart probes, (iii) library of animal models for image validation. - Vertical research activities comprising major applications in (i) neuroscience, (ii) cardiovascular research, (iii) inflammation & regeneration.

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